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Submit a Job Posting for the Cleveland Chapter Newsletter
and Cleveland Chapter Placement Service

Employers may submit job openings for posting in the monthly Cleveland Chapter Newsletter and for listing by the Cleveland Chapter Placement Service. Job postings are available to Chapter members in good standing.


All information in this form must be completed for us to post your job to AGO Cleveland Chapter members. Incomplete forms cannot be processed. Please use the TAB key (NOT the RETURN key) to move between fields, or click on each empty box. Click the SUBMIT botton at the bottom of the form when you have finished filling in the information.)

Church (or synagogue) Name

Street Address

City State Zip

Church phone number with area code

Name of person to contact regarding the position

Contact's phone number with area code

Email address for contact (REQUIRED! This is how our Placement Officer will contact you if we have questions about your posting. Be sure to check your email regularly after you submit your posting.)

Title of position being listed

Please describe the number of worship services, and when they occur (e.g. Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc.)

Please describe any rehearsals that the incumbent is expected to accompany or lead. Also describe when the rehearsals occur.

Please describe any staff meeetings that the incumbent is expected to attend and when they occur. (If none, type NONE)

Please describe any additional responsibilities applicant is expected to perform. (ie. Recital Series, extra services beyond Sunday mornings, such as Lent or Advent, weddings or funerals, etc.) Is there any other information that would be useful to our members in deciding if they wish to apply for the position? (If none, type NONE)

What is the salary range for this position? The term "negotiable" by itself is NOT acceptable. A salary range will help our members determine if your position matches their needs. Employers are encouraged to consider the salary guidelines in Hiring and Compensation of the Cleveland Area Church and Synagogue Musician.




You may submit the placement request by

  • submitting the above web form. It will be e-mailed to the AGO Placement Officer
  • Printing and faxing the completed form to: 216-261- 9294

All requests must be received no later than the 12th of the month to appear in our newsletter that arrives in our member's homes around the first of the month.

Your advertisement will run for a three-month period. If you have not found a suitable applicant at that time, we recommend that you review your situation before placing your listing for additional newsletters. We will attempt to verify each month if your position has been filled and if you need your listing to appear in our next newsletter.

If you have other questions, or wish to follow-up on a previously placed posting, please send e-mail to:

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