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Cleveland Chapter
American Guild of Organists

Dean's Message May 2000

It is my pleasure to inform you that the Executive Committee has voted unanimously to endow a pipe in the restored organ of Severance Hall. Through sound investment by our Treasurers and a rising stock market we made a tidy profit on our Magellan account this year and are able to fund this gift to the Cleveland Orchestra.

This is a fitting use of funds from the Magellan account, which was begun with profit the Chapter made from hosting the National Convention in 1974. I was reminded by Miles Gottschall, long-time chapter member, of efforts over the years that the AGO has made to encourage the Cleveland Orchestra to restore the organ. Bob Schneider remembers questioning Christoph Von Dohnanyi about his interest in the reinstallation of the organ. Dohnanyi stated at the time his commitment to the project, a commitment that he has fulfilled.

We have selected our pipe and received a certificate of endowment, which will be presented at the annual meeting. In the letter of acknowledgment from the orchestra we are thanked for our gift. The letter states: "As we work to secure the Orchestra's future for the twenty-first century, your gift is timely and most welcome. We will apply your gift to our endowment, which will provide income in perpetuity to support our great Orchestra."

I know a number of you have endowed your own pipe, which is wonderful. Members who are unable to do this can now feel a sense of connection with this great organ. We are working with the Schantz Organ Company and Severance Hall to arrange an organ crawl and close-up demonstration of the organ for a member meeting next winter. Watch for an announcement of the date of this event.


Fern Jennings

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