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Cleveland Chapter
American Guild of Organists

Dean's Message October 2000

If you didn't catch the cover story of the Life section of USA Today on Wed., September 6, you need to look it up at your library or log onto and search for "American Guild of Organists" Entitled "Who will play God's Music?" and sub-titled "Churches' love for organs hits a sour note: No organists," the article quotes the AGO placement director in Twin cities on the shortage of organists in that city. Those of us at the chapter picnic had a good chuckle over one quote: "One organist in the country might make $100,000 at a 'big steeple' church, and the rest are lucky to earn $30,000." Oh? But the article does describe the problem of many church's inability to find organists. It talks about the contemporary music trend and describes some educational efforts. Pipe Organ Encounters gets a special mention. A related article focuses on pipe organ building in the U.S.

Articles like this, as well as well-publicized installations of new organs, and programs such as Michael BaroneÍs "Pipedreams," are good PR for the organ.

Another opportunity for PR is "Pipes Spectacular," an event initiated by National AGO and planned locally. We will actually have our concert one week early, on October 7, because of a schedule problem. This event has been planned to encourage attendance by an audience other than the usual organ recital attendee. Not your average organ recital, the concert will feature dancers and choirs, and more! I am looking forward to seeing what The YARD will do with the church space. We are fortunate to have three of our most talented members playing, Anne Wilson, Todd Wilson, and Tim Robson.

We need the help of every member to support the concert and publicize it in your church. Use the sample copy for your church bulletin. Please come to the Church of the Covenant and bring friends!



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